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Land Displays is Berks County’s only locally owned and operated Billboard Company. Land Displays provides complete outdoor coverage for the Reading PA Berks County portion of the Philadelphia Area DMA in South Eastern Pennsylvania. Land Displays also reaches portions of Schuylkill County and Montgomery County Pennsylvania.

Land Displays is a very cost effective alternative for your outdoor in the Reading PA Berks County market. We offer our customers choice of locations, and we will guarantee full illumination. Being a fairly young Company we have planned the construction of our boards to reach the strongest demographics in this market. As far as service, no competitor can touch the level of personal service our customers receive. Many of our out-of-town agencies use us primarily because they know that we take such pride in our quality and always deliver what we promise.

Land Displays Inc. is a full service outdoor provider and we know this market better than anyone. Why not find out why more local advertisers choose Land Displays for their outdoor needs.




Bulletins allow for high profile, maximum arterial exposure. Located on all major highways throughout Berks County.

digital-iconDigital Billboards


Featuring the latest technology, Digital Billboards provide high-impact exposure, flexible copy options and the ability to rotate quickly throughout the market.

poster-iconPoster Panels


Poster panels (30-sheets) provide both major and secondary arterial exposure to allow for maximum market saturation. Poster Panels allow you to effectively target potential customers both geographically and demographically.




Located along high demand roadways, Tri-Vision boards are much like other Bulletins or Posters except that they can display more than one advertiser. Each advertiser’s design is applied to vertical strips that rotate on a ten-second interval providing up to three messages on one billboard. The rotating animation of a Tri-Vision sign has proven to be successful in capturing greater attention from viewers.

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