Why Choose Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertising Has Stood the Test of Time:

  • First True Form of Formal Advertising
  • Top Choice of Most Successful Business
  • Continues to Grow Every Year

Billboard Advertising Proven To Be Highly Effective:

  • Appeals to Mass Audiences
  • Predictable Reach
    • Provides Geographic and Demographic Targeting
    • Cannot Turn It Off
    • Cannot Fast Forward
  • Provides 24 by 7 Market Exposure

Billboard Advertising is Cost Effective:

  • Compare the Costs to Reach 1000 Potential Customers
    • Newspaper – $25.00 / thousand
    • Radio – $10.00 / thousand
    • TV Cable – $11.00 / thousand
    • TV Network – $25.00 / thousand
    • Billboards – $2.00 / thousand

Also Consider That:

  • Sunday Advertising Sections, now being delivered on Saturdays, may never make it into homes
  • Radio listeners are also dwindling due to the widespread use of CD’s, IPOD’s; XM/Sirrus subscriptions
  • Aside from being very costly, TV can be very hit or miss with so many available viewing choices

Billboard Advertising cannot guarantee you more sales but can:

  • Guarantee you the absolute lowest cost to reach 1000 potential customers.
  • Guarantee you that your advertising cannot be turned off, or fast forwarded, or tossed into the recycle bin without ever being opened.
  • Target your advertising geographically and demographically.
  • Give you a degree of certainty of how many vehicles pass by your advertising on a given day.
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